Sunday, March 9, 2008

R a c h ! T....

I am posting a list of Objectionable communities which the saffronites create to Indulge in their Propoganda politics

You may also "report abuse" them


It is a community created by Khalistan separitists, It has 2935 members.

"Disrobing the Nehru Dynasty"

It is a community created by a RSS worker, to abuse the Family and our leaders.

"I Hate Gandhi"

It is Not just an Anti-Gandhi community but also a propoganda ploy
It has 1700 members


It is a Community started by a known BD/RSS worker

ੴ WE HATE Indera gandhi ੴ

Extremely abusive language and a profane Community pic

I would like members to come forward and expose this hatred in media, Kudos to Nareshji for exposing it

It is extremely important for us to atleast get the major Hate communities deleted from orkut.

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